ClariCall: a Global ViBE Network with POPs in:

UK • Germany • USA • Brazil • Dubai • South Africa • Malaysia • Singapore • Australia

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About Claricall

There is a need for a different type of network. One capable of handling both Voice and Data traffic but optimised for Voice. A network backed up through multiple support centres offering 24 x 7 first class support. A Network that can harness all of the benefits and features that ViBE delivers to the user. That network is Claricall.

Voipex are the company that created ViBE and have continually developed it to make it the world’s most popular VPN for Voice traffic.

GMS VoIP Monster have built an enviable reputation for service and support amongst its customer base.

The two companies have combined forces in Claricall to deliver a truly new class of network to Voice and Data users alike, but one that will optimise all Voice traffic whilst protecting its integrity. With offices in the UK, Middle East and Australia Claricall is located correctly to deliver world class support. The network has POPS in a growing number of countries starting off with UK, Germany, USA, Brazil, Dubai, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. Another 50 countries will be added in the next few months.

ClariCall, a joint venture between:

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The Technology

ViBE is the world’s first and only VPN technology developed to optimise VoIP traffic with or without other data traffic sharing the same bandwidth.

ViBE’s full feature set is embedded into the Claricall network, meaning that you can use;

RAIN mode for eradicating jitter and minimising latency should it occur, also delivering instantaneous failover without any interruption to service what so ever! Bonding for multiple links of any network type (3G, WIMAX, Satellite, terrestrial) Encryption through state of the art methods plus ViBE’s unique traffic shaping tools Bandwidth optimisation ensuring that all calls use only the original codec size (+ 0.1kbps) allowing over 100 calls per 1MB of bandwidth in use.

Plus more functionality to ensure you get the competitive network you would otherwise not be able to afford.

The Claricall network delivers Corporate standard networking to the smaller company allowing you to compete in one area at least with a competitive advantage!

A new class of network

  • Global ViBE enabled Network
  • Specifically Optimised for Voice traffic
  • Full 24 x 7 Support
  • Encryption, Bonding and RAIN mode
  • Increases ACD and ASR
  • Increases your available capacity whilst reducing bandwidth costs
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Hosted SIM Server for Mobile Termination

Mobile Termination Managed Services

Perfect if you intend to start with a small size network. It brings you the highest level of control and quality of service for your VOIP Mobile Termination network. You are able to manage your call and SMS flows and get rid of GSM ports with no SIM or not registered. It maximizes your ASR and optimizes your PDD.

You protect your SIM cards from hunting calling systems and limited grey route channels.

IRON Cloud Services are managed services delivered through the technical expertize of ClariCall support teams based in UK, Dubai and Australia and backed by iQsim.

Offer includes advanced GSM Gateways and hosted IRON Suit SIM server from iQsim which can be combined with award winning VPN and bandwidth optimization from ViBE, all supported by CLARICALL experts.

Iron Suite

Key Benefits

  • Installed and supported by the experts
  • Can include ViBE for the best VPN, QoS and bandwidth optimization
  • Increased ASR and ACD
  • Fast set up and expansion to allow you to focus on winning customers
  • Full control of your SIM cards: allocation, usage and protection
  • Quarterly Contract available
Powered by ViBE and iQ-Sim

Claricall ViBE enabled services powered by iQ-Sim


IRON eVS (enhanced Virtual SIM) technology is a comprehensive set of process which all together manage your SIM cards entire life cycle. As soon as you insert a new SIM card in a SIM Rack, the IRON eVS technology will ensure consistent usage and configuration of your SIM card through the 5 following process:

SIM Credit process enables the SIM cards to be activated and charged with credit before being available for Call or SMS routing. It continuously monitors the SIM card credit, checks credit balance and recharges the SIM card.

SIM allocation process picks up best available SIM cards to populate GSM Gateways with the most appropriate SIM cards. It also controls duration of the allocation based on time, usage and more generally SIM cards details.

SIM routing process ensures that Calls and/or SMS are always routed through the best SIM card.

SIM Protection process protects your SIM from hunting calling systems, abusive or improper usage. It also generates I/O events through the SIM cards to reproduce a Human Behavior.

SIM Monitoring process collects data linked to the SIM card usage and takes preventive actions to optimize ASR, ACD of your global systems.

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The Support

Claricall recognise that support is critical to your choice of network supplier. Our support is arranged to provide you with the maximum cover possible with operatives located in three network centres around the globe configured to deliver you true 24 x 7 x 365 support.

Backed by truly integrated third line support from the developers of ViBE (Voipex) ensures that any problem no matter how trivial or large gets the response from a dedicated member of the team.

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Contact us

For all enquiries into how our network can give you that competitive advantage and allow you to utilise the benefits of ViBE please get in touch. Claricall want to hear from you so please submit your enquiries using the form on this page and you will get a response back as soon as we can but not longer than 24 hours.

ClariCall UK Office

8 Wharfside House, Prentice Road, Stowmarket, Suffolk, IP14 1RD
United Kingdom

UK Tel: +44 (0) 1473 359810


ClariCall Dubai Office

Dubai Internet City, Building No. 17, Office G65, P.O.BOX 500727
Dubai, UAE

Dubai Tel: +971 4 362 5119


ClariCall Australia Office

Level 5 Nexus Building, Norwest Business Park, Columbia Court, Baulkham Hills
NSW, Australia

Australia Tel: +61 2 8860 6448